Meet the Artist



That's the name you'll find painted on the back of your custom piece. Jennifer Wiggins is a Georgia Artist, who has always had a knack for being crafty and creative. Always playing with different mediums of arts and crafts since childhood. In 2001, she took a leap of faith, and left her 12 year career in Property Management to pursue a dream.... a dream that everyone thought was a "risky business". She opened the first "Paint-Your-Own-Pottery" studio in her hometown of Sharpsburg, Georgia, called The Pottery Patio. She wanted a place that other "artsy" folks could come and lose themselves in a world of imagination and whimsy. When you entered her studio, you couldn't help but feel INSPIRED. The whimsical colored walls, brightly painted tables and chairs and painted samples displayed throughout the studio drew you in. With all of the supplies you needed, right there on the tables, you were invited to create your own masterpiece. Even beginners were amazed at what they could create.

As requests for her custom painted plates began to grow, the foundation for Studio J Company began to unfold. Jen felt it was time to offer her Personalized Birthday Plates and Ceramic Crosses to others.... not just the locals who visited her studio. Next came her own website where she thought "if nothing more, it will be nice to get an online order or two, that I can work on during down time at the studio". Little did she know, offering her items on the world wide web would soon take over more than just her "down time at the studio"... She soon realized it was time to bring in extra help to cover the studio, as well as helping with custom orders. Within a month of launching her website, calls were coming in from Children's Boutiques nationwide, inquiring on carrying her products in their stores and on their websites.

In 2008, Jen sold the "paint-your-own-pottery" side of her studio and is now focused on selling her Custom creations online at

Her products can also be found on several Online Web Boutiques and in Storefront Retail Shops across the country.