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Snowmen Faux Cutting Board Shapes -DIY Craft Kit

Snowmen Faux Cutting Board Shapes -DIY Craft Kit

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This trio of faux cutting boards come with snowman faces but they are so versatile you could leave the snowman faces off (save for another project) and make them into any theme you can think of. Attach them to a sign or use the hole in the handle to add a hanger- paint both sides for a reversible piece!

You will receive your kit unpainted and unassembled as shown in the photos. Decorate as you like and if you add the snowman faces you simply glue them in place. I have been using the wood glue from Dollar Tree and love it! Paints, glue and any other embellishments are not included with the kit.
You will receive the following sizes of faux cutting board with faces:
Small: 3”
Medium: 5.25”
Large: 8.125”

All laser cut in 1/8” mdf

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